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Among the most beautiful agricultural regions of Italy, you can't miss S. Martino al Cimino; the most characteristic B&b in the Province of Rome are in S. Martino al Cimino, close to Viterbo less than 5 kilometers, it stands a little over the foot of Monte Cimino, in the Province of Rome. S. Martino preserves intact its medieval character, and if you are really looking for a cheap hotel in a romantic landscape, within medieval architectural structures, you surely are looking for "La Torre di Luca" Bed and breakfast. La Torre di Luca B&b offer you comfort and relax in an historical environment; you can feel the atmosphere of leaving in a real medieval tower, originally conceived and built for the protection of the city's walls. The most ancient building in the city, the cathedral - close to the Tower Bed and breakfast 100 meters - is dedicated to St. martino and was altered n the thirteenth centuries. La Torre di Luca B&b, the ancient tower offered as cheap hotel or Bed and breakfast in the Viterbo area, was built in the seventeenth centuries. The whole city of St. Martino is worthy of note for its all buildings keep most of the original medieval architectural characters. La Torre di Luca Bed breakfast stands in the middle of the district, at 5 Km from Viterbo, and is about 1840 feet above sea-level, on the western slope of Monte Fogliano in the Cimini mountains, amidst an extensive forest of chestnut trees. It is much frequented as a health resort.

La Torre di Luca B&b Viterbo is not only attractive for its situation in the green heart of the Cimini hills, but also for the artistic and historical significance of its close Abbey. Built at the end of the 13th century by the Cistercian monks of Pontigny, the building exercised a formative influence on the mediaeval architecture of the entire Viterbo area and this is one of the many reasons why lots of people come from all the province of Rome to find health resort and cultural linkages at Luca's Tower - "La Torre di Luca", bed breakfast - Viterbo. The architecture has highly evolved gothic-Cistercian features. Standing next to the Abbey is the Doria Pamphilij Palace, a building that incorporates part of the former monastery (the Romanesque main door, for example).

You don't want to miss this chance. La Torre di Luca B&b in Viterbo area, bed and breakfast in the Province of Rome.

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