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bed and breakfast

Piazza del Duomo, 11

01100 Viterbo

Coordinate gps:

Lat =      42,3675

Long =    12,1268


Thursday, January 21 we arrived and we stayed three days, three days
nothing short of spectacular in this turret treated in detail.
So many beautiful places around we visited, we cooked delicacies; 
It 's true ... temperatures were low and the wind was cold
but ... as it was nice to be back in "our " house warm and inviting
waiting for us there were five kittens "snappy" ready to make us purr meow with their little "bright"as it was relaxing ...
be pampered by the warmth of crackling wood and be front of the fireplace, sipping a glass of wine ...
but if a board we can give,
a little "bench" should not miss!
these three days have flown away so fast and the life of every day we wait ...
but that 'we will stay' in our heart and 'peace and tranquility ' that prevail in this "love nest" Ciao Luca
see you soon!

Nunzia Umby and from Salerno

We found what 'we were looking for a refuge in truth, from the chaotic city'!
The place is 'hot and sunny, and the atmosphere' family! Luca he is a true artist ....
every corner and' was used in the most 'appropriate! Romance the corner that has hosted the New Year and more 'beautiful we spent! Thank you for your hospitality '.

Kristiana and Toni

Well .... what about 2010 was 'begun under the banner of love!
Like one of those Christmas films in which the prince and princess
want to stay away from their worlds share the love & more' real & pure.
Luca has had a brilliant idea indeed crazy, especially cause he 'put at the center of his thoughts of love a couple! A big thanks to my prince who has been able to strike at the heart ... We wish all those who come, stay as romantic as ours! ... "lost and 'all the time that is spent in love ..." (T. Tasso) (ps) Luca Have ever so carefully, our dear "refuge " an affectionate hug

Tania & Andrea from Rome

The tower and 'a small niche delicious, warm, friendly and above all super romantic! There would never have anything negative to say! and how you could ever do that?!?! Luca he was a genius in everything. He created a place that rarely has the good fortune to find, with great attention to details and needs' of those who accept. We think that this place is absolutely perfect for any couple ... For us it was and we had two days of fabulous!
Thanks Luca for creating it:)

Alice and Claudio




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